Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Beana in a Remake of the Korean Film The Housemaid

Upon watching the beautifully crafted South Korean Film THE HOUSEMAID directed by Sang-Soo Im, I couldn't help but imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildrd Beana recast in a remix of the sensual movie. THE HOUSEMAID (2010) starring Jeon Do-Yeon as Eun-Yi the Housemaid and Lee Jung-Jae as the selfish husband who sleeps with the kind help while his wife is pregnant, reveals a fascinating tale of what lengths people go to have their affairs while covering up family scandals with hush money. When there is a possibility of a scandal money is the way to keep people's mouths SHUT. I don't want to ruin the story line of a great film, you should see it yourself and when you do imagine Arnold and Mildred starring in the lead roles. There is a pivotal scene where the cheated on wife wants to bash the head in of the maid but she doesn't. She remains smoldering in rage while she accepts her husband's behavior to keep her rich lifestyle. She is told that is what all men like her husband are but see how great her husband's mother suffered and now that she is old how everyone respects her. Through her suffering with her husband's transgressions, her mother in law is revered and wealthy. She is the envy of many. Towards the end of the film, you see what the rich family thinks of their servants who have been loyal to them. I find it humorous that while I was at the TRUE BLOOD premiere with fans, one lady was talking about Arnold and his scandal and didn't understand how he could sleep with Mildred. I said "masters have always slept with/fucked/raped the help it is what they do". They are racists in public and in private they want to have sex with the people they abhor. On a lighter note, I recently asked the former Governor of California a very important question...

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