Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ice T (Really) Loves Coco

Ice T and his wife Coco have thrown themselves into the Reality TV Show ring. What makes these two so fascinating, is that they really seem to adore each other and they are well matched. Coco is a voluptuous woman with some meat on her bones as well as a smart head on her shoulders and Ice T is a successful actor and rapper who has been in the game for decades. With Ice T Jr and their adorable pooch Spartacus, I think Ice and Coco's show on E! will fare much better than "The World According To Paris" on Oxygen. "Ice Loves Coco has a time slot next to "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" which makes it almost a sure fire success.


  1. Ice Loves Coco on channel E! is my favorite show. I always get to watch all my channels even when I’m on-the-go thanks to DISH Network. Working for DISH I can tell you that with the Sling box you really get TV everywhere. Go to

  2. Kat, you're right about these two. I love watching their show. They seem really genuine and real. Ice-T spits game, all the time and Coco looks good, takes care of her man and seems to have a good head on her shoulder. Not sure if you plan to write more about them or not. I'm doing some Royal Dialog about their show from this week. If time permits, I'll do it every week. Let me know what you think!