Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Due Back In Court for Probation Violation

Days after a JACK ASS Star was pronounced dead after drinking and driving over a 100 mph, Our Perpetual Lady of City of Angels Court System is due back in court tomorrow for violating her probation. It seems that Ms. Lohan tested positive for drinking while under house arrest. Judge Sautner has ordered Lilo to face the court tomorrow. What will Lindsay wear? Will she have time to get her hair done? What excuses will her enablers give for her relapse? Is Dina Lohan already preparing her angry at the media and the court system speech? Will Michael Lohan act surprised while benefitting from the media coverage of his daughter's trouble conveniently in time for the next installment of Celebrity Rehab? I'm starting to think Lindsay Lohan is in cahoots with the Illuminati to distract the general public from the threat of global warming. Hopefully Ms. Lohan goes to jail. She has had more chances than sales of Valtrex and Prozac at Mickey Fine's Beverly Hills pharmacy. Go To Jail Lindsay Lohan Please Go Directly To Jail.

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