Friday, June 3, 2011

Brigitte Nielsen Uses Arnold Schwarzenegger Scandal To Her Advantage

In a world where the public is more than happy to devour delicious debauchery, Brigette Nielsen is capitalizing on her affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger that happened in the 80's before he was maried to Maria Shriver, to hawk her book "You Only Live Once". The timing of the release of the book couldn't have happened at a better time because the Schwarzenegger drama is big business. TV shows focusing on entertainment have seen a sharp rise during The Terminator's fall. One can't blame Brigette for spilling some beans. Seems like Schwarzenegger is going to be a boost in the entertainment (including books, magazines and TV)economy. Here is a look back at Brigette Nielsen when she was in L.A. shooting her reality show.

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