Saturday, June 18, 2011

U2 The Greatest Band In The Galaxy

Ok I bitched and moaned about driving to Anaheim to check out U2 latest tour. I hate Traffic. Suffice it to say, forgive me for my whining. The trip was worth it. Lenny Kravitz opened the show. He has a marvelous band and I want to see him in a full concert but this is about U2 so let me get back to it. AMAZING SHOW! I'm going to be brief because I'm very tired and have a busy day tomorrow or should I say I have a busy day today. Anyway, the stage design makes one's jaw drop. U2 and their creative team has been the best in the world for some time now. I call the stage a design a huge spider that shoots lights in the sky. Matter of fact as I was leaving the concert and getting back on the freeway, I noticed that the lights from the "spider" blasted the night sky for miles around. From far away it looked like a Pyramid activated (similar to the Luxor Hotel in Vegas). But historically speaking, it is surmised by some that the Great Pyramids were beacons of light that were in alignment with the Dog Star, Sirius. But that is another story. I always wondered about U2's music and the application of sacred geometry and I think I just answered my own question. Best part of the show for me was when a special guest from outer space introduced "Beautiful Day". Epic. Tears started streaming from my eyes. U2 are master show men. They know how to play with heart strings. Very engagingly clever show indeed.

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