Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eva Longoria's New Role Godmother To Beckham's Daughter A Fake Rumor

***Update yesterday, it was reported by several sites, that Eva Longoria was asked to be Godmother to Victoria Beckham's daughter. Well VB's people squashed the rumor and said it was a fabricated story. It brings to question who leaked the story and what were their intentions? Just to get more publicity for all concerned? Below is the original post with added notes in bold.The (gossip) news was (erroneously) leaked that Eva Longoria was asked by Victoria and David Beckham to be their soon to be born daughter's godmother. Eva Longoria will be an appropriate fashionable choice for the coveted role. The Beckham's 4th child is said to be due in a few weeks. Don't be surprised if their bundle of joy is born on the 4th of July.David Beckham will need some more ink work done to put his daughter's name on his tattooed body.

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