Friday, June 12, 2009

The CHURCH at the Roxy: A Love Letter

I went to the Roxy on Sunset to see some old friends, The Church.
Tonight was the 2nd stop on their North American tour. With a new album Untitled #23 the band that has survived for over 25 years is still rocking strong. One never knows what to expect from the Church and tonight was no exception. The house was full as they took the stage. Since I know the Church as on and off again friends who show up and disappear through the years, I welcomed uncertainty. Steve Kilbey, the lead singer said that he was nervous before the show in his wonderfully warm melodic voice that I tried to imitate. His voice is very soothing and hypnotic. Steve could say he hated me in that voice and I would never know because his voice is smooth as satin. It is a great thing to still be nervous before a gig. To still care to still take it seriously even though one has done it thousands of times. The Church are such perfectionists and that is the salve and the vinegar. Life and music are not always perfect but there are times when it seems so for a fleeting moment. One makes art out of mistakes. The first time I heard of the Church, I was a teenager. "Under The Milky Way" touched me as a poet and as a melancholy love sick girl. Once I heard that song I had to know who played that song and well the rest is history. Through it all I learned the more I saw the band, the more I appreciated their individual as well as group talent. Marty Willson-Piper and Peter Koppes are some of the best if not under rated guitarists in the world. Hearing them as well as watching them feed off each other on stage is a treat for the soulTim Powles the consummate drummer, keeps more than the beat, he pumps blood into their songs. The Church is a band that cares so much about the music and so little about the PR that many may not know of the band. To them that maybe OK, but for me they are like FISHBONE; in that they are a great band that may not have the commercial success that they richly deserve.Instead they have a cult following devoted to them. Lastly what amazes me about the band is that all of the musicians, Steve, Peter, Marty and Tim are talents in their own individual rights. Yet when they play together something magical truly transpires.

It was wonderful to see Steve uncharacteristically dancing on stage tonight. To see them so joyful was the best part of the show. It was good to see my friends. Go see the Church. To learn more go to

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  1. great review.

    I'm jealous of you americas - the show here in brisbane was cancelled so i'm eating up any talk of this tour!