Saturday, June 13, 2009

KAT Learns a Painful Lesson Regarding Youtube

After spending over 5 hours editing a new video format and then emailing over 50 people as well as twittering a bunch of people, all my effort left me with egg on my face. The original video was refused due to length. I was 2 minutes over the ten minute limit on youtube. Learning from watching the far wiser Church (band) deal with annoyances, I just went back to repairing the problem. So here it is. I have decided to do a compilation of select videos. Because I shoot so much, it will give you a wider range of whats happening. I hope you like it. The following video features THE CHURCH, Quween @ KROQ and Top Chefs Hosea Rosenberg & Fabio Viviani and a surprise guest you rarely see on video...

1 comment:

  1. Great work.
    I'm a church fan in country victoria, australia, 45 yo male, artistically inclined ... go on time being as gavgams... really enjoyed the first cruise around your blog.