Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Quween on The Scene the Saga Continues

There are people that amaze and astound. Quween is one of them. I've seen her do many things. Watched as she has pushed photographers out of the way. Heard her cuss better than me when I'm PMSing. I've seen her cry when her feelings are hurt. I've also seen her help people in wheel chairs across the street. We are all complex people. Neither of us are all sinner nor saint but the Quween brings something magical to boring Bedford. I can't imagine the place without her. Quween is the face of homelessness, 5150s, menopause, violent upbringing, abusive relationships, unfinished/inadequate schooling, people of color and the truth. She is a constant reminder of those 5 miles South East of Beverly Hills that are similar to her and mostly hidden to the rich. Quween also is the face of giving to the needy - She gives love, understanding, clothes, food and money to those in need as well. Sometimes it is the people with less that give the most! I hope things continue to raise for the Quween after her stint on Funny or Die.com, TruTV is in negotiations with her for a new show.

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