Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Quween's 4 You!!!!!

For those who don't know the Quween is the shit. "And if you don't know you betta ask somebody you heard me?" So I'm sure Quween will be happy to know, I was up all night editing and uploading 4, yes FOUR Videos of Quween alone. I aint mad at her. Actually Quween has brought so much laughter in my life. I really owe her. Everytime I around her, video her and edit her videos I find myself crying and laughing. No one has ever done that. She takes care of people in ways that humble me. A person with little material wealth is one of the Wealthiest people with spirit that I have ever known. I put her up there with Bono but Bono doesn't make me cry. I digress, anyway here they are:
Quween and KAT at KROQ part 1
Quween and KAT @ KROQ part 2

Quween Schools KAT on SEX

Quween Crowned Dlisted HOT SLUTT of the Week

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