Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quween Visits Star of Michael Jackson

On Saturday I took Quween to Hollywood to see MJ's star. It was an exhausting experience. I felt like Hollywood Blvd had forever changed. I have never seen anything like it. Michael Jackson's star that so many times I have seen clean and pristine or slightly dirty with tourists always snapping pictures til this day where it was mobbed with flowers, teddy bears, a giraffe, a flat screen TV, posters, gloves and pictures. A few days before the star was organized. Today it was a mess.
There were security organizing the crowd to move and a steel fence surrounding the block. There were numerous vendors selling T-shirts, gloves, posters and the like all making a buck off the passing of an icon. Joe Jackson would be so proud. I was finding it disgusting. I didn't like the scene. I wanted to leave but Quween wanted to be there and take it all in so I photographed her and other visitors to history.

Everything was so surreal like a daytime nightmare. Everything was for sale. I hope I never see Hollywood Blvd look like it did ever again.

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