Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm devasted. I keep tearing up. I got calls from all over. Although we are sad, one thing I'm certain of Michael Jackson brought so much joy not only to me but to billions yes billions. No one is perfect. We all have faults and sins. Life wouldn't be what it is without controversy, black, white and the gray matter. the Quween told me that MJ didnt have long on this planet a few weeks ago. I asked what was wrong with him. She said his lungs. Michael Jackson picked the Quween up a few weeks ago and brought her to him. He spent time with her and hugged her and told her everything was going to be alright. Quween and I spoke several times yesterday after the news of Jackson passing. We cried and although I couldn't say much, I did say to her, you got to spend time with him and she remembered that she made him laugh. And I thought that was the best gift that she could of gave him.
The last time I saw MJ, I was joking around having fun being playful but also trying to be protective when I saw some jerk ass paps grabbing his hands roughly through his window. MJ's body guards got out of the car and stopped the bull shit.
I remember running after his car like a little girl, having fun and being silly.
My life is stressful and when I can take a moment to laugh and goof around it is truly a blessing. So from the bottom of my broken heart, I want to say THANK YOU MJ, KING OF POP, Best Dancer In THE WORLD, Greatest Performer and THANK YOU for making Quween feel special and comforting her and THANK YOU for letting me Video you before you moved to be a STAR in the SKY. - KAT

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