Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KAT Update

Michael K over at gave me and the Quween a shout out which is much appreciated. is a very popular blog and when MK Ultra (that is what I like to call him) mentions a video, one sees the traffic instantaneously. The views to the video "Quween Hot Slut of the Day" already jumped substantially in number which is important in so many ways especially when it comes to having a TV Show. Quween was named HOT SLUT of the Week which is big on Dlisted. And KROQ has replayed her interview that she did on Friday already.
I also found out over the weekend that another German Magazine, Gala 24/2009 bought my pictures of "German actor Til Schweiger filming his reality TV show on Hollywood & Highland" - Los Angeles, California - 13.03.09. Til Schweiger is in Inglorious Bastards with Brad Pitt coming out very soon.
While waiting for Michael Jackson I shot some footage of us waiting...Charles from the Genius Machine has a starring role in the silliness. We talk about MJ, the Church, Porn and Prison.

Lastly, I photographed and video'd super sexy and talented Teyana Taylor over 2 weeks ago, TMZ and some other media took a spin without doing their research.
Teyana is a multitalented performer and choreographer who is popular in the hip hop community.
They just didn't want to do the right thing but by them making up untruths about Taylor (referring to her as a Rihanna look alike and the new GF of Chris Brown) they just gave her more heat, more publicity. Hopefully Taylor will drop her album out in the summer so she can benefit from the attention.

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