Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mr. My Perogative and His GF Part Deux

Last week, on my way home I noticed Bobby Brown skipping to the chase his girl friend Alicia Etheridge was none too happy. So yesterday I see them again, walking out of an elevator. I congratulated them on their baby boy. And I can't say they were in a better mood but they did seem to get that we take photos for their publicity as well as a job. I can only speak for myself. I try to be respectful, give the celebrity ample room and make it a fun experience. I don't think I would be able to sell so many photos of stars and have them relaxed while I'm photographing them if I was an ass.

Genuinely I care about people in whatever I do. I'm human like everyone else and if it seems like it is too much for someone I back off. Getting back to Bobby Brown, he worked Bedford like a catwalk so we were able to get amble shots. Before I had uploaded the entire set, pictures of mine were already up on Young Black & Fabulous. Bobby, his girlfriend and of course Quween on the scene gave me lots of interesting shots.

Quween told me that back in the day she would hang out with Bobby and Whitney...I asked her if I could record what she said next and she said NO! While Alicia was in the doctor's, Bobby smoked, walked around and grabbed something to eat. He talked and listened to the Quween while she went off on Harvey Levin. It was a wild day because Michael Jackson was around the way and Serena Williams was down the street and I was running around so I got my exercise in.

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