Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ioan Gruffund - Name That Face

While I'm parking my car I see this handsome man at the corner. I'm going into a parking garage so I know that I'm screwed. It takes a couple of minutes to get back to the street and find the guy. I know he is an actor but I can't remember where I saw him. I walk around Rodeo and he is no where to be seen. So I go to where I originally was going and about an hour later he literally crosses my path. I'm still trying to figure out where I've seen him from and I ask the Quween to help. So she introduces herself to him and forgets to ask his name.
At some point I say, "what are you working on?" so I can look it up later and the throws a smooth curve ball by saying that he is currently working on the birth of his first child. This makes us all go CONGRATULATIONS! And Quween says she has 7 grand babies and he throws a wonderful compliment to her about her being too young to have any and we never get his name. Later one of my agents staff lets me know that it is Ioan Gruffund. Then I realize he was in the Fantastic Four movies. He is a Welsh actor and he is a very sweet and charming man.

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